Niels Schrader, Netherlands

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Design work by Niels Schrader

    Niels Schrader, Netherlands (2010)

    Niels Schrader, Netherlands (2010)



      Hinterm Mond (Behind the Moon)


      • Harald Weinrich,
      • Dieter Fuder

      University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

      Behind the Moon is a thought-provoking publication that gathers all types of fronts and backs, both of graphic and photographic nature. It cross-faces their meanings and appearances by playing with the reader’s tendency to perceive a book as facing pages. The title of the book is a historic reference to the 1959 exposure of the far side of the moon, when for the first time in mankind a spacecraft returned never-before-seen views of its rear side to earth.



      co-head of Graphic Design department

      • Undergraduate

      2013 – today

      • KABK – Royal Academy of Art (The Netherlands)