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    Helmut Schmid, Germany (1988)

    • Typography Today , 2003

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    Helmut Schmid, Germany (1988)

    Rolf Müller called Helmut Schmid a ‘musicus typographicus’. Schmid studied under Emil Ruder, Robert Büchler and Kurt Hauert at the AGS Basel. He has worked in Berlin, Montreal, Vancouver, Stockholm and Düsseldorf (for the Social Democratic Party, the German government, and its chancellors Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt). Since 1977 he has been resident in Osaka. His brand identities for Otsuka Pharmaceutical (Pocari Sweat) and logomarks for Shiseido (Elixir) have had a long life. He is a contributor to Typographische Monats blätter (TM), Idea magazine and baseline, and has given lectures or workshops in Xian, Munich, Bombay, Seoul, Mainz, Zürich, Beijing, Basel and Tokyo. In 1978 the Print Gallery Amsterdam showed his ‘Politypographien’ and in 2006, the schmid today project by the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf was shown at Seoul International Design Plaza. Helmut Schmid also teaches typography at Hongik University, Seoul.