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    Siegfried Odermatt, Switzerland (1974)
    • Swiss Posters Book, 1998

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    Siegfried Odermatt, Switzerland (1974)

    Odermatt calls himself a self-taught graphic designer, although he attended various courses at the School of Applied Arts in Zürich. From 1943–46 he was a freelance collaborator with the painter Hans Falk. Since 1968 he has run a studio with Rosmarie Tissi. Both have a reputation as pioneers in graphic design. Odermatt has received numerous international distinctions and awards. His books have several times been among the Best Swiss Books (1986, 1987, 2000). In 1987 his work was among the World’s Most Beautiful Books (Leipzig). In 1993 he won the poster and corporate identity competition for the Kieler Woche 1994 sailing festival. On the occasion of their poster exhibition at the German Poster Museum in Essen Sigi and Rosmarie’s hand and footprints were marked in concrete. He designed the book Odermatt & Tissi, Graphic Design (1993), showcasing their work, and 100+3 Swiss Posters (1998), containing a selection from his comprehensive and excellent poster collection.