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    Sabina Oberholzer, Switzerland (1997)

    Sabina Oberholzer studied with Livio Bernasconi, Sergio Libiszewsky and Bruno Monguzzi at the CSIA in Lugano. In 1983 Sabina founded the Studio di Progettazione Grafica with her partner Renato Tagli...

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    Sabina Oberholzer, Switzerland (1997)

    Sabina Oberholzer studied with Livio Bernasconi, Sergio Libiszewsky and Bruno Monguzzi at the CSIA
    in Lugano. 
    In 1983 Sabina founded the Studio di Progettazione Grafica with her partner Renato Tagli in Cevio, 
    in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. 
    Oberholzer and Tagli are alive to the relationship between nature and creativity, 
    and sensitive to their responsibilities within the small community in which they live and work. 
    Driven not by economics but rather by a belief in quality and clarity of the message, 
    Oberholzer’s design philosophy is based on appropriateness and generally results in the elimination 
    of the superfluous, ornate or artificial.



    Renato Tagli solo exhibition & Sabina Oberholzer


    Han Shan Art Muesum, Suzhou

    exhibition of fabrics, photographs, color and shape theory, greeting stamps and Earth-Earth installation


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      • AGI Congress Porto, Portugal
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      Sabina Oberholzer & Renato Tagli "PLAY"

      (2011 _ 2021)

      • 2011,
      • CSIA, Centro Scolastico Industrie Artistiche, Lugano, Switzerland, Switerland
      • 2015,
      • Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China
      • Zhongshan Polytechnic,, China
      • School of arts Soochow University, China
      • 2015CIF in Shenzhen, China
      • ,
      • 2016,
      • PaTI – Paju Typography Institute AGI Congres Seoul, Korea
      • Xiamen University Art College, China –, China
      • Jiangnan University School of Design, China –, China
      • Nanjing University of the Arts, School of Design, China –, China
      • World Graphic Designers, "Celebrating Volunteerism", Jakarta, Indonesia
      • "Discuss Innovation, Foresee the Future" An International Forum about Chinese Embroidery Industrialisation, SND Cultural&Sports Centre, Suzhou,, China
      • ,
      • 2020,
      • University University of Design in Philadelphia, USA
      • University of Calabria, Italy
      • ,
      • 2021,
      • Nanjing University of the Arts, School of Design, China, China
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      • Ruedi Rüegg, Zürich

        1980 – 1983

      • Rudolph De Harak, New York

        1982 – present


      • 1983

      City of Locarno Ideas contest for the corporate design of the Office for Museums and Culture – 1st prize
      • 1988 e 1990

      Federal Department of Culture, Berne Federal Scholarship for Applied Arts _ 1st prize
      • 1990

      Federal Finance Department, Berne Contest for the creation of coins for the 700th anniversary of the Confederation _ 3rd prize
      • 1992

      First Swiss Corporate Design, Zürich – Contest for the best Swiss corporate design _ 2nd Price
      • 1995

      Canton of Ticino, Department of the Territory, Bellinzona, ‘Regional transport plan for the Locarnese and Vallemaggia’ _ 1st prize
      • 1999

      • 2002

      Deutsches Plakat Museum, Essen, 2001 ‘Children are the rhythm of the world’ _ 3rd prize
      • 2009

      Swiss Federal Post Office postage stamp series ‘auguri’ _ in circulation since September 2009 _ 1st prize 5th Annual International Typography Poster at Asma-ul Husna, Tehran, Iran _ 1st prize
      • 2010

      International Exhibition ‘Poster for a Healthier World’, Puebla, Mexico
      • 2011

      Recolor Somalia , Inernational Poster Exibition, Tehran, Iran
      • 2012

      AIPS 2012, Aarthus International Poster Show, Dansk Plakatmuseum, Denmark
      • 2013

      INNOVATION IN EDUCATION. International Poster Exhibition,Atatürk University Continuing Education Center, Turkey
      • 2014

      [Green+You] Africa Breath, Poster competition, Korea
      • 2015

      Silk Road Spirit, The 1st WEST International design Biennial, China
      The 7th China International Poster Biennial, Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art,
      CITY, International poster invitation exhibition in Beijing, China
      Dalian International Graphic Design Biennial, Zhongshan, China
      Swiss Poster Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
      • 2016

      ICC2016 International Digital Design, korea
      WGD Worldwide Graphic Design, Friendship & Tollerance
      The thyporgaphic posters, International invitation exhibition, Gulin, China
      Design Xiamen, Poster Exibition Invitation, China
      Fujian Province Industrial Design (Jinjiang), China
      Interdesign, Timisoara Inernational Symposium, Romania
      Flame in Winter, 2017 Sapporo, Japan Asian Winter Games, ANBD Speciale Poster Exhibition,
      International Poster Biennial in México, 14th Edition, Mexico
      1st PosterFest – Budapest 2016, Hungary
      • 2017

      Nanjing University of the Arts, School of Design, China –
      The Korea Contest Association, 2017 Spring International Digital Design, Korea
      Anfachen Award 2017, Topic Tolerance, Hamburg, Germany
      GOLDEN TURTLE Festival, Moscow
      Invitation for design 4 Stamps, Swiss Post, Bern, Switzerland
      World Autism Awareness Day, International poster Exhibition Invitation, China
      • 2018

      International Triennial of Eco –Poster The 4th Block, Ukraine
      Beijing International Design Week, Beijing, China
      4th International Social Poster Liepzig, Germany
      The Sixth International Art for Peace Festival Invitation (AFPF) Mellat Gallery,Tehran, Iran
      Poster Fest, Hungarian Poster Association, Budapest, Hungarian
      The Great Journey Creative Suzhou Poster Exhibition, Suzhou, China
      • 2019

      Jangnan, the poetic Habitat, --Jiangnan Context International Poster Invitation Exhibition
      City of Bardejov, International Poster Invitation, Bardejov, Slovacchia
      Forest . City_International public Poster Design Invitational Exhibition 2019, Nantong, China,
      EIPF, Emirates Int'l Poster Festival, The Cultural & Scientific Association, Dubai, Emirates
      Anfachen Award IV, Poster Design Competition, Hamburg, Germany
      The First Power of Role Model_Lei Feng Spirit, Public poster Design Invitational Exhibition, China
      The 3rd International Design Works Exchange Exhibition2019, Korea Design Centre,
      • 2020

      International Poster Design Competition, Organized by Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey
      University of Calabria " How we wont to live togther" Poster Exhibition, Italy
      22nd Festival EtnoKrakow Crossroads, International Poster Exhibition, Slovakia
      Chinese Zodiac Design Competition, China
      2nd Emirates Int'l Poster Festival, "Hope" the cultural & Scientific Association, Dubai
      ASEDAS, Invitation Virtual Digital Art Exhibition, "Covid 19", Malaysia, Indonesia
      The 1th Intrnational Image Meeting, *Jules Verne and the right to Imagine, Mexico
      China Anti - Novel Coronavirus 100 Poster Exhibition, China
      The International Design of Professional Artits " Overcome Together X Design Power", korea

      Other Professional Activities

      • The 10th Tehran International Poster Biennial _ Jury

        2009 – present

      • Posterfortomorrow – Work Right! _ Jury

        2010 – present

      • Nelson Mandela, The Liberty Pigeon, International Poster Exhibition in Tehran-Iran _ Jury

        2013 – present

      • China – Italy International Design Week 2015 The Evolving Silk road _ Jury The 11th China Shenzhen Design competition, Shenzhen, China _Jury

        2015 – present

      • The best graduet season, China _Jury

        2016 – present

      • Inernational Poster Contest, Mexico _Jury

      • Paper Beauties Orient-"Ceremony Paper" Pattern Design Invitation Exhibition, China _ Jury

        2017 – present

      • ZCOOL AWARDS, Discover and Enchange the value of Design, China _ Jury

        2020 – present