Keith Godard

“Sounds”: the noisy paper book.

Images of Sounds

  1. Image 1 — 7.-Sounds-Book (Sounds)

    Keith Godard, USA (1997)
    Keith Godard, USA (1997)

    Graduated London College of Printing in 1962, Yale University School of Art and Architecture in 1967. Started Works Design Group with architect partners in 1968. Continued until 1987 with Hans van Dijk and Stephanie Tevonian. Since then, sole proprietor of StudioWorks. Designs exhibitions, wayfinding, print design and publishing, public art and info art. Teaches part time: Philadelphia College of Art, 1968–78; Cooper Union, from 1976–present; from 2000, School of Visual Arts graduate programme; NY State College of Art and Design. Lecturing and workshops: RCA London, College of Communications, Dundee University, Yale University, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel.