Hans Hillmann

Seinodernichstein, poster for Neue Filmkunst, 1964.

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    Hans Hillmann, Germany (1961)

    Hans Hillmann studied in Kassel from 1948–53 and completed his education in Southern Italy. He began working as a freelance graphic designer in Kassel in 1953, specialising in film posters...

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    • Seinodernichstein, 1964

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    Seinodernichstein, poster for Neue Filmkunst, 1964.

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    Hans Hillmann, Germany (1961)

    Studied from 1948–53 at the Werkakademie Kassel, then worked as a freelance designer in Kassel and Cologne. He has lived in Frankfurt am Main since 1957. From 1961–89 he taught at Kassel University as a full-time professor of graphic design. He has designed fi lm posters, picture stories and illustrations for books and magazines. Since 1956, his work has been acknowledged by international publications, exhibitions and awards.