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Ben Bos

Invitations for Ahrend product launch in Manchester (UK), a new table by architect Wim Quist and a farewell for director Ruvert Ophorst.

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    Ben Bos, Netherlands (1978)
    • Printed matter, 2002

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    Invitations for Ahrend product launch in Manchester (UK), a new table by architect Wim Quist and a farewell for director Ruvert Ophorst.

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    • Ahrend NV
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    Ben Bos, Netherlands (1978)

    Studied at the Amsterdam Graphic College (layout) and at the Rietveld Academy (IVKNO) – evening classes 1956-1961; graduated both times with honours.
    Worked at Ahrend publicity dept., 1954-62, as a copywriter, editor and art director. Joined Total Design in 1963 and was active as a creative director 1965-1991, specializing in corporate identity and logo design. Served his most important clients for decades: HVO 1956-1991, Ahrend 1954-2006, Randstad 1967-1996 and Furness 1970-1996.

    Started his independent practice in 1993. Is a member of Dutch graphic designers association since 1963, and of AGI since 1978.
    Author of numerous articles and many books on ID-design, logos and design history. AGI’s Henry award (2007) for ‘AGI Graphic Design since 1950’ – shared with Elly Bos-Bonsen. World Logotype Award 1998, several international design awards.



    Fotografen aan het werk voor Randstad


    • Flip Bool,
    • Herman Hoeneveld

    Randstad Holding, Diemen

    A selection of works by several photographers I commissioned to illustrate Randstad publications.

    Huisstijl, de kern van de zaak'


    BIS, Amsterdam

    A guide to understand and create corporate identies.

    'Wie denkt u wel dat ik ben'


    Board Dutch Graphic Industries

    The title means 'Who do you think I am' and the content is a sequence of stories about special people and organizations.

    AGI, Graphic Design since 1950


    • Ben Bos,
    • Elly Bos-Bonsen

    Thames & Hudson, London

    The history of AGI and its members from 1950 till 2006, projected in the context of the world's history. Several essays give an insight into design specialisms. This book is also published in Japanese and Italian. The essays are publishes in Korean. Design: Wout de Vringer and Ben Faydherbe, Den Haag, AGI. The designer of the cover of the Italian version is unknown.

    TD 63-73


    Unit Editions, London

    The history of the first decade of Total Design, Amsterdam, pioneering as the first continetal design group.

    80 20 100


    Nijhof & Lee, Amsterdam

    Celebrating Wim Crouwel's 80th anniversary and the 20 years of Nijhof & Lee book sellers, this publication brings a sort overview of Crouwel's design career. Design: David Quay



    ZOO Producties, Eindhoven

    In celebration of Ben's 80th birthday. 12 Short stories about the relationship between client and designer. Also in Dutch. Design: Koos Staal, Haren. Art Direction and Production: Elly Bos Bonsen



    Ben Bos: Design of a Lifetime


    Museum De Beyerd, Breda

    Overview of 50 years design practice.



    Total Design


    • GK Design, Tokyo, Japan

    Corporate Identity


    • Biennale Graphic Design, Brno, CSSR

    Design for postal organizations


    • Design for postal organizations, Warsaw, Poland

    Corporate Identity


    • AIGA, New York, USA

    AGI, Graphic Design since 1950


    • Integrated seminar, Anwerp, Belgium

    AGI friendships


    • AGI Congress, Istanbul, Turkey

    Experiences of 30 years of AGI membership


    • AGI Open, London, UK

    Graphic Design in the European Union


    • Helsinki, Finland

    Logo Design


    • Offset, Dublin, Ireland

    The importance of seeing


    • Konstkack design school, Stockholm, Sweden

    Corporate Identity


    • Dekalb Illinois University, USA


    • 1970 and 1986

    Brno Biennale: bronze medal, honorary membership of the Biennale
    • 1973

    Frans Duwaer Award for Typography
    • 1991

    Winner international competition Kieler Woche
    • 1995

    Honorary membership Arc en Rève, Bordeaux
    • 1998

    Honorary membership BNO (Dutch Designers Association)
    • 1998

    World Logotype Award, Antwerp
    • 2007

    Henry Award, Alliance Graphique Internationale