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    Günther Kieser, Germany (1964)
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    Günther Kieser, Germany (1964)

    1981–92: professor of communication design, University of Wuppertal. 1955–on: designed tour posters for jazz and rock musicians, including Ellington, Basie, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Peterson, Hendrix and others; 1965– 99: Jazz Festival Frankfurt; 1962–80: American Folk Blues Festival in Europe. Also designed posters on social and political issues and for operas, ballets and movies. Solo exhibitions: Lincoln Center, NY; Mexico City; Wuxi, China; Torun, Poland; Kornhaus Forum, Berne; Poster Museum, Essen; Museum of Arts and Crafts, Frankfurt, and others. ‘Günther Kieser is engaged in poster design, laying out clear principles of form and colour. Bound to strict aesthetic approaches, these posters are Kieser’s way of making contact with people and leading them to a responsible form of creation and interaction. Postermaking can be both a matter of power and a delightful and intelligent method of liberal communication. Instructive, not destructive – that is the central issue of his art.’