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Fang Cao

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    Fang Cao, China (2004)

    A professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Design, Nanjing University of Art. A member of the China Artists Association and A member of the International Graphic Design Alliance...

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    • Playing in the Garden, 2004

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    A professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Design, Nanjing University of Art. A member of the China Artists Association and A member of the International Graphic Design Alliance (AGI). A head of national language and text promotion base.Deputy Editor in Chief of the Visual Communication Design Branch of the Encyclopedia of China.
    Compiled and published 15 types of textbooks and won national awards. Published over 50 papers.
    The poster "No Child Left Behind" won the Silver Award at the 10th National Art Exhibition. The book design of the "movable type" series won the "Most Beautiful Book in China" award.
    The studio team has completed dozens of visual image designs...Be invited to give academic reports at international annual conferences for many times, and lecture at Kassel University in Germany, Aichi Prefecture University of Arts in Japan, and the Chinese Cultural Center in The Hague.
    Judge for the Warsaw International Poster Biennale, Italy "GOOD 50x70" Poster Exhibition, "Water is Life" International College Student Poster Exhibition, Finland Lahti Poster Triennial, Peace International Poster Biennale, BIPB International Poster Art Biennale, and other exhibitions.



    Foreign Teachers Workshop


    • Cao Fang

    Jiangsu Phoenix Art Publishing House

    Synchronize with the world --Stories about International Workshops and Foreign Teachers At the beginning of its opening up, Nanjing University of the Arts was far inferior to those affiliated colleges that had publicly sent young teachers to study abroad in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Later, after completing their studies, they returned to China and brought their foreign mentors to China countless times to teach, give lectures, hold classes, or give presentations. It is exciting、shocking...

    COOL WORDS (2016/2017/2018)


    • Cao Fang

    Jiangsu Phoenix Art Publishing House

    Narrative and Situation: The Cool Art Design of Writing In the tense changes and evolutionary development of textual art design, there are too many interesting stories. In the legend of Chinese civilization, ancestors attributed the formation of Chinese characters to the mythological figure Cangjie, who combined prophets and masters. He said that the Heavenly God opened his eyes, insight into the wind and thunder of heaven and earth, and instantly created Chinese characters...

    The Art of Chinese Characters by Contemporary Designers


    • Cao Fang

    Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House

    In Chinese style visual expression, graphics are far less realistic than fonts. The inscriptions of the previous dynasties, the plaques on the memorial archway, the couplets between the pavilions, the signboards and wine banners of the shops, and the inscriptions on the walls of the scenic spots all show the cultural value conveyed by the words. From the visual perspective, it is not like a graph but rather like a graph. Some people believe that Chinese characters are just as important to ...

    Complete Collection of Modern Chinese Design - Poster Volume


    • Cao fang

    commercial press

    Representative modern and contemporary poster design works from the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949 to the present day. Political propaganda posters, public welfare posters, New Year paintings, film and drama posters, cultural, artistic and sports posters, commercial posters, experimental poster designs, etc.

    Principles of Visual Communication Design


    • Cao Fang

    Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House

    This book provides specific research on visual observation and effects, including basic research on visual occurrence, visual psychology, visual thinking, and research on visual observation and experiential methods. This book has become a mandatory textbook for visual art researchers, learners of visual communication design related majors, and graduate students in art universities.

    Modern Chinese Character Art Design


    • Cao Fang

    Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House

    First time propose in China, it was proposed that the emergence of artistic characters is closely related to the theoretical framework of arts and crafts in this century, which is based on patterns. Due to its use of the rules of pattern form as the basis for design, artistic characters can be called pattern characters. Modern art character design is based on modern graphic design theory and methods, guided by modern visual communication language...

    Typography Art Design


    • Cao Fang

    Higher Education Press

    Text Art Design is a national planning textbook for higher education during the 11th Five Year Plan period. A complete system of textual art design has been integrated from the history of writing to the principles and methods of textual art design...





    Shenzhen International Cultural Exchange Expo, Shenzheng

    The font graphics transformed from seal script "green", with a natural and pure new green touch and intersecting strokes of longitude and latitude, represent the environmental protection concept of time and space travel and harmonious coexistence of nature.

    United Nations Geneva china day


    United Nations Geneva

    Gu Yu is the sixth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms and the last solar term of spring. Grain rain is derived from the meaning of "rain produces a hundred grains". Precipitation significantly increases, and the initial planting of seedlings and new crop varieties in the field require the nourishment of rainwater most. Adequate and timely rainfall can ensure the healthy growth of cereal crops. Symbolic UN Chinese Language Day Theme:THE BREATH OF CHINESE-CHARACTERS-HARMONIOUSCO-EXISTENCE

    Suzhou Graphic Designers Association, Organizing Committee for East West Cultural Exchange in Suzhou Friendly City


    Suzhou Graphic Designers Association,, Suzhou

    The silhouette of the Italian Leaning Tower of Pisa and the silhouette of the Suzhou Huqiu Tower form a solid geometry. 1) Homogeneous and isomorphic graphics symbolize the long-standing cultural and artistic origins of Italy and Suzhou; 2) they embody the blending of eastern and Western cultures of friendly cities between Italy and Suzhou.



    Academic work / teaching

    • Undergraduate,  
    • Postgraduate,  
    • Doctorate

    2023 – 2024

    • Nanjing Academy of Arts and Chinese Language Museum (China)

    This lecture is an experimental teaching text by Cao Fang, using seal script as the prototype. Starting from topics such as variation and deconstruction, graphics and symbols, cultural creativity and intangible cultural heritage, digital media and dynamics, various techniques were designed and taught. At the same time, with a large number of first-hand design exercises from graduate and undergraduate classrooms, it interprets the generation techniques of seal script, ancient calligraphy style...

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      The Text Museum on the City Wall


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      • Arts Institute, Design College Nanjing P.R.O.C.

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