Olivetti Elettrosumma

Giovanni Pintori

Poster to promote Olivetti Elettrosumma, 1956.

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    Giovanni Pintori, Italy (1952)

    Giovanni Pintori was in charge of Olivetti graphic design from 1950s to 1960s. Over the years, he created many exemplary posters for them as well as advertising campaigns, print and...

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    • Olivetti Elettrosumma, 1956

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    Poster to promote Olivetti Elettrosumma, 1956.

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    Giovanni Pintori, Italy (1952)

    After studying at ISIA in Monza in 1936, he started his career with Olivetti. He had a clear and conscious view of the mechanics and problems of graphic design. His work can be characterized as competent, professional, cultural and creative. Pintori designed many posters for advertising campaigns, print and exhibitions. He was, like many others, responsible for Olivetti’s reputation all over the world. The Olivetti Exhibition ‘Design in Industry’, showing Pintori’s work, was organized by NY MoMA in 1952. The Louvre in Paris (1955) also filled an entire hall with his work. He was given the Palma d’Oro by the Italian Federation of Advertising (1950) and many other awards. A lot of articles on Pintori and about his designs appeared in many leading magazines, like Fortune (1953–57). In 1969 he left Olivetti, to start working as a freelance designer on projects for Pirelli, Ambrosetti and Gabbianelli. After his career he withdrew from the profession and became a painter.