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    Bruno Oldani, Norway (1976)
    • No Borders, 2008

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    Bruno Oldani, Norway (1976)

    After graduating from the Kunstgewerbschule in Zürich, Oldani moved to Norway in 1958. In 1965 he started Norway’s first design bureau, specializing in industrial and graphic design and photography. He was a professor in graphic design and illustration at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo (1988–94). He has received an international gold medal for ski design, many Norwegian book design awards, the Jacob prize (Norway’s highestranking award in design) and the Classic Award from the Norwegian Design Council. Bruno Oldani plays a leading role in the Norwegian design scene, especially in graphic design. In 2005, major parts of his lifetime oeuvre were collected in a 300-page illustrated book, published in China in Chinese and English, as part of a series on international masters of design. In April–May 2006, the renowned DDD Gallery in Osaka featured 270 Oldani works, from throughout the last 40 years, in a dedicated exhibition under the musical title I Did It My Way.



    I Did It My Way – Bruno Oldani, Norway


    DDD-Gallery, Osaka

    Summing up a career of more than 40 years of Bruno Oldani Design is a complex task. The exhibition was arranged as a systematic chaos of designed bric-a-brac and printed graphics, just like my own surroundings and my own inspiration. "I did it my way!" was therefore a honest and suitable title, both for the exhibition itself, and the work shown. Thanks for letting me do it my way. Bruno Oldani