Holland Festival 1969

Dick Elffers

Poster for the Holland Festival, 1969.

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    Dick Elffers, Netherlands (1952)

    Dick Elffers was a very versatile man: an exhibition and graphic designer, illustrator, painter and muralist. This wide scope stamped him as a real individualist, who would later despise the...

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    Poster for the Holland Festival, 1969.

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    Dick Elffers, Netherlands (1952)

    A very versatile man: an exhibition and graphic designer, illustrator, painter, muralist. He studied 1929–33 in Rotterdam at the Academy of Art, before becoming an assistant to Paul Schuitema and Piet Zwart. His studio was destroyed by the devastating German air attack on Rotterdam, May 1940. He then moved to Amsterdam, where he became a member of an underground artists’ group, who used their graphic skills to forge identity papers. His Resistance poster (1946) is famous; 40 years later he produced a remake. He also designed national memorial exhibitions in Auschwitz (1980) and Westerbork (1983). He won the H.N. Werkman Award in 1949. Worked for many years on posters and programmes for the Holland Festival (1954–67): his work for the Arnhem Film Festival was equally colourful and strong. He was the designer of many books and covers, and created several Dutch stamps. He left AGI after a few years. His work was the first to be included in NAGO, the Dutch Archives of Graphic Design.