Lucienne Roberts

Exhibition design to frame the most challenging question faced by museums today: What should we collect and hold on to and what should we get rid of?

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    Lucienne Roberts, UK (2013)

    Lucienne graduated from the Central School of Art & Design, London in 1986. A utopian zeal and an adherence to the principles of modernism have never left her. A signatory...

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    Exhibition design to frame the most challenging question faced by museums today: What should we collect and hold on to and what should we get rid of?

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    Lucienne graduated from the Central School of Art & Design, London in 1986. A utopian zeal and an adherence to the principles of modernism have never left her.

    A signatory of the First Things First 2000 manifesto, the work of her studio LucienneRoberts+ is defined by her intention to make accessible, engaging graphic design with a socially aware agenda. She considers graphic design fundamental to how society informs, educates and provokes and places emphasis on clear thinking, visual simplicity and craft skills. Studio work spans exhibition design, books and corporate identity for 3-d, print and screen. Lucienne has written a number of books on graphic design and speaks frequently about her subject.

    Lucienne is also co-founder of GraphicDesign&, a pioneering publishing house dedicated to creating intelligent, vivid books and exhibitions that explore how graphic design connects with all other things and the value that it brings.



    Page 1: Great Expectations


    • Lucienne Roberts,
    • Rebecca Wright


    An unusual typographic experiment exploring the relationship between design and the reading of a page. Published in Charles Dickens’ bicentenary year, this book shows the responses by 70 international contributors when asked to layout the first page of Great Expectations.

    Design Diaries: Creative Process in Graphic Design


    • Lucienne Roberts,
    • Rebecca Wright

    Laurence King

    This book, which charts the progress of 11 different graphic design projects, is focused more on process than outcome and includes contributors’ honest observations and insights presented in a refreshingly candid way.

    Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design


    • Lucienne Roberts

    AVA Publishing

    Interviews with philosopher AC Grayling, theologian Richard Holloway and House of Lords Peer, Baroness Morgan act as a backdrop to this investigation of what it means to be a ‘good’ designer and lead a ‘good life’.

    Visual Communication: From Theory to Practice


    • Lucienne Roberts,
    • Jonathan Baldwin

    AVA Publishing

    Explores how cultural theory around issues such as mass culture, political design and semiotics can be applied to the real-world practice of graphic design. Theories are presented and then discussed by designers such as Neville Brody, Michael Bierut, Erik Spiekermann and Joan Farrer.

    Drip-dry Shirts: The Evolution of the Graphic Designer


    • Lucienne Roberts

    AVA Publishing

    A heartfelt homage to the design pioneers of the post-war generation – including Margaret Calvert, Wim Crouwel, Ken Garland and Karl Gerstner – its case studies are dialogues between these designers and those they have influenced.

    Insight: A Guide to Design with Low Vision in Mind


    • Lucienne Roberts,
    • Michael Evamy


    Addressing the problems posed by graphic design, product and packaging and for architecture/environment for sensually and physically impaired people worldwide, this title includes comprehensive guidelines (approved by international authorities on the subject) on how to improve accessibility and take account of the needs of disabled people without compromising design integrity.

    The Designer and the Grid


    • Lucienne Roberts,
    • Julia Thrift


    Including graphic design examples alongside product design, architecture, fine art, film and music, this established textbook explores the application of grid structures, the psychology underpinning their use and the aesthetic pleasure derived from their many forms.



    External Examiner, MA Graphic Design

    • Postgraduate

    2014 – 2015

    • University of Lincoln (United Kingdom)

    Visiting Fellow, Communication Design

    • Undergraduate,  
    • Postgraduate

    2014 – today

    • Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (United Kingdom)

    External Examiner, Typography and Graphic Communication

    • Undergraduate

    2009 – 2013

    • University of Reading (United Kingdom)



    A is for Activism

    (2011-09-27 00:00:00)

    • It's Nice That: On (Activism), United Kingdom


    • sans+baum

      1990 – 2006

    Other Professional Activities

    • Judge, ISTD Awards 2014