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Peter Megert

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    Peter Megert, Switzerland (1974)
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    • Ohio State University, Division of Design
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    Peter Megert, Switzerland (1974)

    Peter Megert, who lived and worked in Columbus Ohio, was exposed early on to creative lifestyle and design. He was educated in Switzerland, with graduate studies in France and the United States. His work covered all aspects of graphic design, including visual identities, print graphics and exhibit design. In 1968, invited by Paul Rand, he became the advisory graphic designer at the Westinghouse Corporate Design Center in Pittsburgh. In 1970, he was appointed professor of visual communication design at Ohio State University. In 1988, Peter Megert founded Visual Syntax Design, an international design consultancy, specializing in planning and design of visual images and their communication content.

    As a design student, Peter Megert received multiple scholarship awards. Twice, he was selected for one of the best Swiss posters of the year.
    He also received the annual design award from the Ohio Arts Council. In 2004 he was nominated by the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in Washington, D.C. for a national design award.

    Peter Megert established an international exchange program for design students, faculty and AGI Members from Europe, North America, Asia and Brazil.