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    Zdenek Ziegler, Czech Republic (1981)
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    Zdenek Ziegler, Czech Republic (1981)

    Ziegler studied at the Prague Academic High School (1943–51) and the School of Architecture, Czech Technical University, Prague (1955–61). His activities included poster, book and magazine design, visual communication, industrial design of art exhibitions and interiors, and graphic art. He was a member of Typo & and TDC Prague. He has been a juror in Brno, Warsaw, Fort Collins, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Leipzig and Trnava. Since 1990 he has taught at the Academy of Art, Design and Architecture in Prague, and also served as rector (2000–2003). Ziegler has taken part in group exhibitions in Prague, Brno, Warsaw, Ljubljana, Helsinki, New York, Montreal, Fort Collins, Havana, Lahti, Wuppertal, Zürich, Los Angeles, Toyama, Ogaki, and more. Solo exhibitions: Frankfurt (1970), Tabor (1979), Stuttgart, Prague, Mnichovo Hradiste and Orlova (1980), Kladno (1981), Cheb (1982), Olomouc (1988), Prague (1993 and 2003), London (1998). Awards: first prize, Brno Biennale, 1964;