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Berlin seen by the Alliance Graphique International / magazine, exhibition

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    Fons Hickmann, Germany (2004)

    Fons Hickmann is a graphic designer, author and professor of design at the University of Arts in Berlin. In 2001, he founded the influential design studio »Fons Hickmann m23«. The...

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    Berlin seen by the Alliance Graphique International / magazine, exhibition

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    Fons Hickmann, Germany (2004)

    Fons Hickmann is a graphic designer, author and professor of design at the University of Arts in Berlin. In 2001, he founded the influential design studio »Fons Hickmann m23«. The studio focuses on the design of complex communication systems and is ranking among today’s most awarded design studios worldwide ;)

    Fons studied design, photography and philosophy and he has taught at several universities and held lectures and workshops everywhere. He is a member of the TDC New York, the ADC Germany and the AGI (of course). Since 2018 he is the president of the design association »100 Beste Plakate« (100 Best Posters of Austria, Germany, Switzerland). He has published a few books about design and football. Currently he lives with his kids and a cat in Berlin.



    Morgen und Davor


    • Fons Hickmann,
    • Pascal Kress

    Hermann Schmidt Mainz

    A visual plea for new ways to teach design. Fons Hickmann uses his seminars not only to impart knowledge, but also to trigger curiosity. He awakens the desire to explore boundaries and question the habitual. Fons Hickmann has more questions for his students than answers – and this is evident from the work that is created in his courses. This book provides an overview of the past ten years.

    Anschlag Berlin – Zeitgeistmedium Plakat


    • Fons Hickmann,
    • Sven Lindhorst-Emme

    Seltmann+Söhne Berlin

    The book and exhibition »Anschlag Berlin« provide an overview of outstanding contemporary posters by designers working in Berlin. The selection consists of over 100 posters by both newcomers and renowned design studios, that cross the imaginary border between art and design.

    Das beste Spiel aller Zeiten


    • Markus Büsges,
    • Oliver Gehrs,
    • Fons Hickmann

    Kein & Aber

    The best game of all times – A journal of 100 years of football history. A collection of the most fascinating, curious and legendary moments in the history of football. To each minute a story, from kick off to penalty and beyond that.

    Beyond Graphic Design – Klasse Hickmann


    • Christof Nardin,
    • Fons Hickmann,
    • Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

    Hermann Schmidt Mainz

    If the reputation of a university attracts talented people and animates lecturers from all over the world to travel there, and if at this university more and more works setting standards are created this will be due to one or several university lecturers and professors who consider teaching to be a serious project but not a deadly serious one. It is a matter of fath-oming limits and extravagating them, making demands of oneself and others.

    5 x Berlin


    • Alex Jordan

    Pyramid Press Paris

    Fons Hickmann m23 was invited to exhibit their work at the poster design festival in Chaumont. The exhibition was curated by Alex Jordan (Grapus). The studio designed the exhibition, a catalog and a poster. The poster shows a typical Berlin house wall with bold graffiti especially created for this project. The lettering on the wall shows the title of the exhibition: »5 x Berlin« and the names of the invited artists: Cyan, Anschlaege, Attak, Angela Lorenz and Fons Hickmann m23.

    Touch me There


    • Fons Hickmann


    »Touch Me There« provides the missing link between art, design and theory. Containing 472 Pages and printed in 8 colors, Fons Hickmann m23 introduces a world of graphic design, photography and illustration. The result is an intelligent counter-balance to today’s flood of media communication. Conceptual and political, Touch Me There transcends the limits of its content. Published at the Gestalten Verlag.




    • Postgraduate

    2001 – 2007

    • University of applied Arts Vienna (Austria)

    Professor – Klasse Fons Hickmann

    • Postgraduate

    2007 – today

    • Grafik Design/ Communication design, Berlin University of the Arts (Germany)




    TDC New York Award for Typographic Excellence, USA
    TDC Tokyo Award for Typographic Excellence, Japan
    ADC Award USA
    ADC Award Europe
    ADC Award Germany
    Golden Bee Award, Moscow, RUS
    Master’s Eye Award, Travna, SLO
    Joseph Binder Award, gold, silver, bronze, DesignAustria AT
    German Design Award, DE
    Lead Award, gold, DE
    iF Design Award, gold, DE
    Reddot, Best of the Best Award, DE
    Graphis Award, platinum, gold and silver, USA
    Most Beautiful German Books Award, DE
    100 Best Posters Award, AT, CH, DE
    Taipei International Design Award - gold 2021
    Toyama Poster Award - bronce 2021
    Poster Stellar USA - gold 2021

    Other Professional Activities

    • Professorship at University of applied Arts Vienna

      2001 – 2007

    • Professorship at the Berlin University of the Arts

      2007 – present

    • Member of the TDC Type Directors Club NY

      1996 – present

    • President of »100 Beste Plakate« 100 best posters from Austria, Germany, Switzerland

      2018 – present