AGI Together Typeface

Piero Di Biase

Bespoke display typeface designed for AGI Congress and Open 2022 held in Trieste.

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    Piero Di Biase, Italy (2017)

    Piero Di Biase is a graphic and type designer. He trained in the graphic arts sector and then became a graphic designer. After collaborating with various companies, in 2011 he...

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    • AGI Together Typeface, 2022

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    Bespoke display typeface designed for AGI Congress and Open 2022 held in Trieste.

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    Piero Di Biase, Italy (2017)

    Piero Di Biase is a graphic and type designer. He trained in the graphic arts sector and then became a graphic designer. After collaborating with various companies, in 2011 he co–founded Think Work Observe, where he worked for both national and international clients in the commercial, cultural and publishing sectors. In 2022 he founded the independent digital foundry Formula Type.



    Made in Italy NYC


    One Art Space, New York City

    An exclusive 2-day event in NYC celebrating the rich heritage of post-war Italian graphic design and its strong, enduring relationship with the US. Made In Italy will also feature 17 designers, who have created a poster from the brief ‘what does Italian design mean to you?’

    Italian Visual Design


    Taiwan Design Museum, Taipei

    It’s ambitious to try to host the great variety of Italian design in the exhibition. We try to interrelate the subject with the concept old-new / classic-contemporary, and divided the exhibition into two sides: one side is the classic works from the 1920s to the 1970s, and the other side is the 1980-2019 modern works.

    Graphic Design Festival Scotland


    The Lighthouse, Glasgow

    Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) is an international organisation promoting creativity, innovation, collaboration and challenging ways of thinking through a programme of workshops, talks, discussions, exhibitions, competitions, music and public artwork.

    United Notions


    The Bakery, Moscow

    We’ve been among the twenty studios invited by The Bakery (Moscow) to participate to United Notions exhibition in Moscow and Berlin; curated by The Bakery (Moscow), printed by Bomb Screenprint, supported by Arjo Wiggins, the exhibition promotes understanding between Nations, focusing on some words that don’t have a real translation in foreign languages.

    ‘The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100’


    High Museum, Atlanta

    We’ve been invited by The Coca-Cola Company to reimagine the vintage Coca-Cola bottle imagery among more than 100 other designers and artist from 15 countries, using just red and black, to celebrate the first 100 years of the shape of the bottle.

    Timeless Massimo Vignelli


    Disseny Hub, Barcelona

    Think Work Observe is proud to be among the selected participants of the exhibition Timeless Massimo Vignelli that will take place in Barcelona, starting from June 8th until August 31st at Disseny Hub Barcelona: using the typeface and the forms Mr. Vignelli adopted for New York City Transit Authority Manual, we reinterpreted them on a grid system based poster. The exhibition displays several artworks designed by selected participants like Spin, Experimental Jetset, Build, Clase BCN.

    Imprint Fair


    Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz

    ‘Platform for Typography and Type Design’ is the motto of the first IMPRINT Fair in Mainz. The trade show for font designers and font publishers was held on the 8th of June as part of the Call for Type event at the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz.

    Soirée Graphique


    Komet, Bern

    Soirée graphique is a yearly exhibition around contemporary visual arts. For this year’s event, 31 graphic designers each created a poster - these designs were then re-interpreted by 31 international photographers.

    Millenium Magazines


    MoMA, New York

    Throughout the twentieth century, innovations in international avant-garde visual arts and design were often first expressed in the informal context of a magazine or journal. This exhibition, drawn from the holdings of The Museum of Modern Art Library, follows this practice into the twenty-first century, exploring the various ways in which contemporary artists and designers use the magazine as an experimental space. Our selected project is Shoppinghour Magazine.

    The Font Market


    Dezember Bücher, Zurich

    The first ever font market took place in Zurich on 10 December during Dezember Bucher 2011. Font designers from Switzerland and abroad are invited to sell their own fonts, catalogues, and posters. European font designers are invited, enabling them to benefit from the excitement of mutual exchange and to present a unique, colourful array of products to a large and interested public.



    You’re my Type


    • TGM Typographische Gesellschaft München, Germany

    Graphic Design Lecture


    • Castello Sforzesco, Italy



    • Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany

    Basic Type Design Course


    • Centro Espositivo Sloveno A plus A, Italy

    TWO at Accademia di Venezia


    • Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, Italy