AGI Bulletin #6

Mel Calman

AGI Bulletin #6, cover, 1978.

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    Mel Calman, UK (1974)

    Mel Calman’s work is widely known in Great Britain and abroad for its wit, force, originality and distinction. His ideas, judgments and social comments are penetrating and biting. His daily...

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    • AGI Bulletin #6, 1978

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    AGI Bulletin #6, cover, 1978.

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    Mel Calman, UK (1974)

    He studied at Perse School, Cambridge and did illustration at St Martin’s School of Art and Goldsmith College. In a time span of 37 years (1957–94), he created cartoons for the Daily Express, Sunday Telegraph, Observer, Sunday Times and The Times. He also worked for Cosmopolitan and House & Garden. Mel was a cartoon art addict and founded The Workshop, later called The Cartoon Gallery, where exhibits were held of original cartoons, illustrations and graphics. He created a short, striking animated cartoon, The Arrow, and has drawn for television. He said that his ‘little man’ was influenced by James Thurber and is not autobiographical. He published many books including Calman and Women (1968), Couples (1972) and How About A Little Quarrel Before Bed? (1981). In 1986 he wrote his autobiography, called What Else Do You Do? I’ll never forget and often use, when applicable, the text of his cartoon ‘I hope my eating doesn’t spoil your cigar!’ Thanks, Mel! – Ben Bos