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    Douglas Wadden, USA (1998)

    Born in New York in 1946, Doug Wadden studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned his graduate degree in design from Yale University. He has done considerable...

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    Born in New York in 1946, Doug Wadden studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned his graduate degree in design from Yale University. He has done considerable experimental work in photography, printmaking and video before turning his attention exclusively to design.
    As a graphic designer he has worked for museums, corporations, public agencies and institutions. His work has been recognized internationally in numerous exhibitions, competitions, annuals and magazines.
    An AIGA Fellow, he has served on the national boards of the AIGA/New York and the ACD/Chicago and has been a frequent juror, panelist, lecturer and NASAD accreditation evaluator.
    Appointed to the faculty of the University of Washington in 1970, he has had an extensive academic and administrative career. He was awarded the Marsha and Jay Glazer Endowed University Professorship in 2005.
    Doug retired from University service at the end of 2014 and is now Professor Emeritus.



    Practice What You Teach: The Graphic Work of Doug Wadden



    A document of design work spanning the years 1965–2015 and covering early visual experiments in photography, printmaking and video, and focusing primarily on graphic design for museums, corporations, and civic institutions.



    Museum of Modern Art

    Museum of Modern Art, New York

    The Library of Congress

    The Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

    The Walker Art Center

    The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

    The Toyama Museum of Modern Art

    The Toyama Museum of Modern Art, Toyama

    The Evergreen State Library

    The Evergreen State Library, Olympia

    Photography as Printmaking


    Museum of Modern Art, New York



    Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

    Graphic Design In America: A Visual Language Survey


    The Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis



    BFA in Photography

    • Undergraduate

    1964 – 1968

    • Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)

    MFA in Graphic Design

    • Postgraduate

    1968 – 1970

    • Yale University (USA)



    Preparing for The Competition


    • Atlanta College of Art and The High Art Museum, USA

    Global Classrooms


    • Tsing Hua University and Central Academy of Arts, Bejing, China

    Confessions of an Unapologetic Modernist


    • Universal Truths/Universal Myths: Exploring What Matters In Design Education / University of Washington, USA


    • The University of Washington, Seattle, Professor, Program Chair, Executive Vice Provost

      1970 – 2015

    • The Design Collaborative, Seattle, Partner

      1975 – 1985

    • The Design Studio of Doug Wadden, Principal

      1985 – Present


    • 1983

    Gold Metal, Art Directors Club of Los Angeles
    • 1986

    Gold, Silver, and Best in Show, University and College Designers Association
    • 1992

    Gold and Silver Awards, Seattle Design Association
    • 2014

    Fellow, American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), New York, NY

    Other Professional Activities

    • National Board Directors and Vice President for Education, New York, NY

      1987 – 1991

    • National Board of Directors, American Center for Design, Chicago, IL

      1993 – 1996