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  1. Image 1 — Bundi-Fraulein-Julie (Posters for Theater Biel Solothurn)
  2. Image 2 — Bundi-Don-Giovanni (Posters for Theater Biel Solothurn)
  3. Image 3 — Bundi-Barbaren (Posters for Theater Biel Solothurn)
  4. Image 4 — TBS-Antilopen-Poster (Posters for Theater Biel Solothurn)
  5. Image 5 — Bundi-Idomeneo (Posters for Theater Biel Solothurn)
  6. Image 6 — TBS-Trovatore-Poster-vek-V (Posters for Theater Biel Solothurn)
  7. Image 7 — Bundi-Belle-Helene-Poster (Posters for Theater Biel Solothurn)

    Stephan Bundi, Switzerland (2001)

    As a designer and art director for film producers, concert promoters, museums, theatres and publishers, he combines unconventional ideas with practical Swiss tradition. He has taught at several universities, held...

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    Posters for Theatre and Opera

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    • Theater Biel Solothurn
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    Stephan Bundi, Switzerland (2001)

      As a designer and art director for film producers, concert promoters, museums, theatres and publishers, he combines unconventional ideas with practical Swiss tradition.
      He has taught at several universities, held lectures and workshops around the world and was a professor at Bern University of the Arts.

      The content being conveyed and the visualization of the message are paramount to his work. To achieve this, he chooses the technique that can be used best to interpret the content, be it typography, drawing, painting or photography. All of the works illustrated here were created solely by Stephan Bundi.
      He participated in international poster biennales as poster artist and jury member. Bundi won first prizes in Chicago, Mexico, Mons (Belgium), New York, Sofia, Vienna, the ICOGRADA Excellence Award in Warsaw and received the Swiss Poster Award several times.



      Stephan Bundi Posters


      Museum Leopoldo Rother Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá

      Solo poster exhibition. I additionally conducted a workshop at the university’s Facultad de Artes and held a public lecture about my work for students and professional designers. A Swiss graphic designer – Josef Müller Brockmann – last showed his work in this museum in 1991.

      Stephan Bundi Plakate / Affiches


      Center PasquArt and Public Space, Biel / Bienne

      Posters from 2007 to 2013 for the City Theater Biel Solothurn. 55 posters for theater and opera.

      Stephan Bundi / Claude Kuhn


      Gutenberg Museum, Freiburg

      Poster Exhibition with Claude Kuhn



      Design as a Language


      • Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia

      Plakate für kulturelle und soziale Institutionen


      • Weissraum Innsbruck, Designforum Tirol, Austria

      Seeing through mind’s eye


      • AllDesign / Hilton Convention and Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey

      Visuelle Kommunikation oder visuelle Dekoration?


      • Tag der Typografie / Technopark Zürich, Switzerland

      Swiss Posters


      • Design College, Nanjing Arts Institute, China

      Vom Künstlerplakat zum Plakatkünstler


      • Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria

      Stephan Bundi / Designer of visual Sories


      • Architektur Forum Ostschweiz / Alumni HFKG, St. Gallen, Switzerland

      Stephan Bundi, Grafiker


      • SWB Schweizerischer Werkbund Bern, Schweiz

      Posters by Stephan Bundi


      • China Academy of Art Hangzhou, China

      Posters by Stephan Bundi


      • Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Germany

      Posters by Stephan Bundi


      • Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Finland

      Stephan Bundi Posters


      • Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey

      Swiss Posters


      • MAK, Museum für Angewandte Kunst / Exhibition "100 best Posters", Austria

      Stephan Bundi Plakate


      • Kunsthochschule Weissensee Berlin, Germany




      • 2010–2016

      Platinum / 8 Awards from Graphis Poster (NY)
      • 2010

      Gold / 11th International Poster Biennial of Mexico
      • 2010

      Gold / 2nd Chicago International Poster Biennial
      • 1989

      Gold / 4th International Poster Triennial Mons
      • 2010

      Gold / Joseph Binder Award, Design Austria Vienna
      • 2014

      Gold / (Grand Prize) 7th International Triennial of Stage Poster
      • 2008, 2013, 2016

      Gold / Swiss Poster Award
      • 2010–2016

      Gold / 42 Awards from Graphis Poster (NY)
      • 2012

      Silver / Joseph Binder Award, Design Austria Vienna
      • 2004

      Silver / 2nd Korea International Poster Biennial
      • 2011

      Silver / 13th International Biennial of Theatre Posters Rzeszów
      • 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015

      Silver / Swiss Poster Award
      • 2010–2016

      Silver / 24 Awards from Graphis Poster (NY)
      • 2011, 2015

      Bronze / Swiss Poster Award
      • 2006

      Icograda Excellence Award Warsaw International Poster Biennial
      • 2008–2015

      Red Dot / 21 Awards
      • 2015

      Winner / German Design Award

      Other Professional Activities

      • Co-founder and member of the board of the Union of Swiss Graphic Designers (SGV)

        1983 – present

      • Member of the AGI International Executive Committee

        2006 – 2009

      • Appointed guest professor at the Arts University in Nanjing, China

        2008 – present

      • President »100 Beste Plakate« (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

        2010 – 2013

      • President AGI Switzerland

        2010 – present