News 02/2014

Keith Godard Exhibition

Keith Godard has for the last ten years been documenting towns in the Dordogne area of S.W. France. He achieves exact details by walking street by street sketching  and taking notes. The original paintings  are then produced as prints with french and english texts.

The Départmentales Archives in Périgueux  displays his work of today comparing it with cadastras of the Napoleonic time. exhibition through to 14 March

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Ben Faydherbe — 60x Posters Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Ben Faydherbe 60x posters’ is on display at De Affiche Galerij in The Hague from 20 January to 14 April 2014.

In addition to work for the Government, business and private clients he designed many posters for cultural institutions. Ben Faydherbe manages the visual identity for various large organisations, such as The Dutch Heath Care Inspectorate and the Medicines Evaluation Board.

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David Plunkert wins Illustrators award.

David Plunkert (AGI-US) was awarded a gold medal for the 2012–13 Theatre Project  season poster series on January 10 from the Society of Illustrators in New York.

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Poster by Studio Reisinger.

This is a photo of an authentic yellow Star of David, we were forced to wear prior to deportation — preserved in my family since 1944.

Dan Reisinger

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An Analog & Digital Lettering Workshop with Ale Paul and Neil Summerour

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Thomas Couderc work updates

Thomas Couderc has updated their work, see it here.

Clément Vauchez work updates

Clément Vauchez has updated their work, see it here.

Alexandre Dimos work updates

Alexandre Dimos has updated their work, see it here.

Yu Guang work updates

Yu Guang has updated their work, see it here.

Alan Chan work updates

Alan Chan has updated their work, see it here.