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Prof. Wojciech Suchocki, Director of the National Museum in Poznań (Poland) and the employees of the Gallery of Poster and Design, have conferred the Jan Lenica Award, consisting in a solo exhibition of the Laureate’s works on the premises of the National Museum in Poznan, on Uwe Loesch from Germany. Uwe Loesh has been distinguished for giving the art of the poster the formula of a distinct visual message that combines transparency and understated graphic solutions with author’s independent expression of ideas.
The Jan Lenica Award was founded after the artist death in 2001. It was established to memorialize this outstanding artist born in Poznań and closely connected with the National Museum in Poznań for many years.
- Irena Przymus
Curator, The Poster and Design Gallery of The National Museum in Poznań

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Franco Balan: 1924–2013

Franco Balan. I'll meet him again.

Today, 14th of April 2013, I got the sad news about my friend Franco Balan: he passed away on 1PM.
It seems incredible that the most lively italian AGI member is no more with us. Only few months ago he told me about a lot of new project he was working on.
Franco is not only a master in poster design but also is an example of visual translation of his character into his posters: a blast of vitality and a great passion for our profession. This is the reason why, looking at his work, I'll meet again my friend Franco.

Leonardo Sonnoli

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April writes: "2012 was a wonderful year for me. Starting with inclusion in the group show, 'California's Designing Women,' curated by Museum of California Design, Autry National Center, Los Angeles; followed by the one-woman show- 'New Works, April Greiman Digital Photography' at the Subvecta Motus Gallery, Glendale California, and finally at Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 'April Greiman Works.'"

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Alexander Isley: Working with Words

The Type Directors Club
New York, NY
February 4 - April 26, 2013
Alexander Isley celebrated the 25th anniversary of his firm with an exhibit at the Type Directors Club in New York City. "Working with Words" covers Alex's career from his early days at M&Co. and SPY magazine up through his current work for "education, entertainment, and enterprise." The show will be up through April 26, after which it will travel to Hartford, Connecticut and Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Patrick Thomas: ‘Multiples’

8th March —24th April
Galerie T
Hermann Straße 24 | 40233 Düsseldorf | Germany
Patrick writes: "This was my first solo exhibition in Germany and includes work that I have been making since moving to Berlin in 2011. I have chosen the title ‘Multiples’ for the exhibition as the majority of work is editioned in some form or other. Whereas silkscreen prints are not generally regarded as ‘multiples’ because they are primarily associated with the process of reproduction rather than with individual uniqueness, I will also be showing one-off pieces that have been made using the process. These unique pieces which form part of small series may be regarded more as objects than editions and therefore adhere more to the traditional definition of the term ‘multiples’."

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“Voices & Visions”

As Creative Director for a series of posters for the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Arnold Schwartzman was asked to commission artists/designers to visually interpret quotations by Jewish luminaries throughout history.
Of the 18 works, 17 were created by AGI members.

The posters were on exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, until March 2013 and will be at the Spertus Institute in Chicago from May 12 through August 11, 2013.

More information here:

and a review by Steve Heller is here:

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