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For Years Javier Mariscal has been working on a feature-length animated film, Chico & Rita.

Now Chico and Rita has been nominated for the Academy Awards. It is the first time that an animated feature film from Spain gets this nomination. The ceremony will be held on February 26th in Los Angeles. This nomination comes after a lot of awards and great recognition from all over, like a Goya and an EFA from the European Film Academy among others.

So keep your fingers crossed for Javier on that big night!

See more about the film here.

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Theo Dimson 1930-2011

On January 18, I received news from Nicole Dimson that her father, Theo Dimson, had died earlier that day:

"We three daughters spent last night taking turns reading him his favourite author F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby. He had read the novel at least 50 times in his lifetime and we thought he should hear it one last time.[...] His passion for art, movies, football and fashion spanned decades from the Big Band Era in music to the rapper fashion style of today's youth. Making a statement wherever he went. He always stayed contemporary which kept him young at heart. I'm sure it is with  much sadness that he was never able to see his beloved Buffalo Bills win the Superbowl  although they got awfully close a few times."As my father always said… you can Google him as long as you respect him in the morning."


Theo was a friend of mine via the internet although sadly, I never met him in person. But I have no doubt that the feisty, energetic and funny man I knew by email was true to his personality. In September 2010, I wrote an article for the AGI website about Theo and his bold, graphic work, steeped in the history of Art Deco, with a glorious evocation of '70s illustration style. That article will serve as my personal obituary for Theo.

Meanwhile, at AGI, Bob Appleton sent out a request to designers for memories of Theo, and we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of insightful, funny, wonderful anecdotes and essays from AGI members and Canadian designers and friends who knew him (including the Eulogy from his daughter, designer Nicole Dimson). We got enough for a small book, so I have had to edit and eliminate, or this post would be several thousand words long: "I remember him so well, his character, his mannerisms and the beauty of his work will remain for ever in my memory. I am sure that all our friends at AGI will miss him too. How appropriate to read the Great Gatsby on his deathbed" —Massimo Vignelli 

"Theo had a strong flair for the dramatic.  In his facial expressions.  In his body language.  His speech.  His thought.  His dress.  And he was always a practising thespian. He was a man of many parts.  He appreciated and delved deeply into history, astronomy, politics - especially of the United States – and literature, film, music, architecture.  His questing intellect ranged over the whole spectrum of human endeavours. A contemplative inspection of Theo’s work reveals this intellect, which, along with his visual perceptions, formed and powered his work – it was not just surface manipulation of colour, line and form.  It was challenging both visually — and intellectually!"—Allan Laing, who knew Theo for 68 years, from his beautiful 1,200-word Requiem to Theo.

"During the time I spent working with Theo, which was around three years ['63–66], I turned out some of my best work ever. A very exciting art department and a very exciting time! […]Theo was an extraordinary individual: a perfectionist, intelligent, gifted, funny, generous, and loving. I feel extremely lucky to have had him for a friend. The world won’t be quite the same without him. — Arnaud Maggs


"Theo will likely be known for his posters, but when I arrived, as someone with experience developing graphics for large retail department stores, I saw and loved how a designer, Theo, was the reason Eatons became a retail brand like no other in the world. I loved the combination of illustration and graphics he epitomized. In a sense Theo became Eaton's visual brand. Remarkable. He created graphics and ads with a unique, timely and appropriate sense of beauty resulting in a winning brand that worked so well for the store." — Rod Nash “Theo Dimson was a passionate football fan (his favourite team was the Buffalo Bills), a flamboyant and engaging individual with a unique, if always evolving, sense of personal style and a superb designer with great taste and talent. He was a good friend and colleague for more than 50 years. I will miss him.”— Jim Donoahue 

And in Theo's own words, posted to his Facebook page:"It is with great sadness that I leave this Earth. I enjoyed my time on this planet and have no regrets. Take away memories… London ON, Family store on the Danforth, Allenby Theatre, Danforth Tech, OCA, Lis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Erté, Buffalo Bills, Stan Kenton, Frank Sinatra, Dr. Jay, Fred + Ginger, TCM, Fashion, Admiring the universe through my telescope, as well as all the beauty in the world"


And finally, from Nicole Dimson, a piece her dad loved from Shakespeare's  Romeo and Juliet:

And when he shall die.Take him and cut him out in little starsAnd he will make the face of heaven so fineThat all the world will be in love with nightAnd pay no worship to the garish sun.

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Louis Silverstein 1919–2011

Louis Silverstein, long time innovative design director of the New York Times, and AGI member since 1969, died on December 1, 2011.


lou silverstein 1

From the New York Times obituary by Douglas Martin: "In 1976, he helped devise a bigger, more visually expansive and, to many, more appealing New York Times…. It was a rethinking of the paper that was as important to its future then as the Internet is today, and one that influenced newspaper design nationwide….  Tom Bodkin, the current art director and an assistant managing editor of The Times, said Mr. Silverstein elevated newspaper design from a trade to a profession."


The full obituary can be read at The New York Times





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Deborah Sussman “Eames Words”

The much praised exhibit “Eames Words” is currently on view through February 20 2012,  at the A+D museum in Los Angeles. It is a participant in the behemoth program, "Pacific Standard Time, Art in LA 1945–1980". 


Deborah Sussman spearheaded and curated this show, in collaboration with graphic designer Andrew Byrom, and ateam of passionate  designers and fabricators, including former long-term Eames staff members. 

Its concept is based on Charles Eames’ quote, "the uncommon beauty of common things". Its design is deliberately not "as though Charles and Ray would have done it", but instead, presented with 21st century eyes and spirit.

“The onslaught of the county museum show finds a highly focused counterpoint in “Eames Words” at the fledgling Architecture and Design Museum, in a climate-control-free storefront across the street. All but devoid of art, the show succeeds on sheer curatorial imagination. With quotations from the Eameses displayed across walls, a few films and some alluring displays of everyday objects and raw materials, it is like being inside the designers’ heads.”

– Roberta Smith, The New York Times, November 13, 2011

More at:The New York Times, November 2, 2011

The Architect's  Newspaper




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George Tscherny’s Wordless Poster

Communication in the Digital Age: The WORDLESS poster 


New York City Subway; December 2011

Designed by George Tscherny for the School of VISUAL ARTS

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