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Ronald Searle: 1920–2011


"Ronald Searle, the British cartoonist and caricaturist whose outlandishly witty illustrations for books, magazine covers, newspaper editorial pages and advertisements helped define postwar graphic humor, died on Friday, December 30th in Draguignan, in southeastern France, where he lived. He was 91.

"His family said in a statement that he had died in his sleep after a short illness. 

"Lampooning the foibles of the English class system as well as clerics, politicians and even other artists, Mr. Searle was often described as a latter-day version of the 18th-century British graphic satirist William Hogarth. His cartoons combined an ear for linguistic nuance with a caustic pen and brush. With just a few well-placed lines, he pierced the facades of his targets without resorting to ridicule or rancor."


—Steve Heller, an excerpt from the full obituary in The New York Times


There is a blog for Ronald Searle here, which contains images, references and links to many other obituaries, including The GuardianThe IndependentCreative ReviewEye Magazine ...


His war drawings are collected here at the Imperial War Museums site




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"Oded Ezer: Tipocriaturas " (Oded Ezer : Typocreatures) are two solo exhibitions, both take place simultaneously, in Sao Paulo and Brasilia, starting last week. Curated by the wonderful Ruth Klotzel, they a show wide range of his commercial and experimental typographic projects from recent years, including Typoplastic Surgeries, Biotypography, Typosperma, I (heart) Milton… and many more.


Some words from curator Ruth Klotzel about the Typocreatures exhibition:

"Oded Ezer's work take us to wonderland, to a place where inanimate objects gain the right to be part if the living world.  Letters can be generated in a biological system and raise up from the surface becoming live creatures.

"Working restless, he reveals the real meaning of experimentalism, so banalized nowadays, discovering new paths, new meanings, new attitudes. Summarizing, as he himself affirms, he plays seriously, like a 6 year old boy."


And here is a video of Oded Ezer.



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"Hebrew Typography ", edited by Oded Ezer, contains short articles, links and posts that are related to traditional and contemporary Hebrew typography and type design. It shows the beauty of Hebrew letters to non-Hebrew speakers. As Armin Vit of Underconsideration  wrote, "great type is universal, regardless of whether you read Hebrew or not."



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Curious Minds: New Approaches in Design

December 16, 2011 - April 30, 2012

The exhibition presents about 30 international designers from Europe, Asia, and the US whose works map out new territories and encourage a new discourse about the role of design in shaping the world of tomorrow. Some of these designers also address – under the umbrella of Critical Design – social, political, and environmental concerns. The three invited Graphic Designers are Sagmeister, KarlssonWilker and Fons Hickmann m23.

Location: Israel Museum, Cummings Building for Modern and Contemporary Art

Curator: Alex Ward


fons hickman flag


The Image: The "NEW BERLIN FLAG" at the Israel Museum.

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