News 12/2011

“Rambow’s Point of View”




Gunter Rambow has an exhibit  at Muzeum Plakatu W Wilanowie in Warsaw, PolandDecember 8, 2011–February 5, 2012

also in

Galerie der HBK SAAR in Saarbrücken, GermanyDecember 15, 2011–January 21, 2012



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Dan Reisinger



120 posters by Dan Reisinger

will be showing at the Hungarian Jewish Museum in Budapest

Dec 12, 2011 – Jan. 12, 2012 

Exhibition opening: 12th Dec. at 17.00 hours.

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AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale, German Members, Deutsche Mitglieder, 1954-2011publisher: hesign (Berlin)he@hesign.comISBN 978-3-9810544-4-6

For the first time, the 46 AGI-members living in Germany are introduced in a book of 384 pages in the order of their appointment to the AGI since 1954. We owe this tryst to the German AGI member Jianping He from China. In 2010, he had the idea to publish a book about the German AGI members’ doings on the occasion of the founding anniversary in 2011. The book shows the different forms of expression of graphic design and visual communication of the last 60 years in Germany with 682 images. With the help of the autobiographies, work samples and texts about the respective members' works, one is now able to realize their influence on the history of graphic design in Germany. Each member, "dead or alive" is represented on 8 pages. A more or less long "short story" (by the author) reports on the history of the German AGI and the identity and aims of the AGI in general. Paula Scher was kind enough to write a short foreword. 

By the way: The collecting of data and facts, the selection of the images, editing the texts and credits in English and German and not least the design of the book was not only a lot of work, but an endless imposition. So I am happy now that it is finished and is printed and if you like to buy it: Just do it

– Uwe LoeschPresident of the German AGI members

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Tassinari/Vetta Silver Medal


GRAPHIC DESIGN AWARD 2011 TRIESTE, 29 November. Tassinari/Vetta received the silver medal of the International Taiwan Graphic Design Award for the graphic design for the two Venice exhibitions 'The world belongs to you' and 'In Praise of Doubt', at Palazzo Grassi and at Punta della Dogana centre for Contemporary Art. The international jury of the Taiwan International Graphic Design Award, organized in cooperation with Icograda, decided to assign the Silver Medal in the Corporate Identity section to the identity and editorial project for the two exhibitions curated by Caroline Burgeois for the Francois Pinault Foundation. The identity and communication project was designed by Leonardo Sonnoli with Irene Bacchi and Anna Dalla Via, while Paolo Tassinari with Lucia Pasqualin designed the catalogues.

The project is based on a three languages message - the tri-lingual title of the exhibitions - in which letters and words switch in order to reflect the actual meaning of the title. In the exhibition 'The world belongs to you', which proposes - as Bourgeois recalls - ''a reflection on the dizzying upheavals of the modern world, fed by nomadism, cosmopolitanism and miscegenation'', the visual combination of the Italian, English and French reads 'Il world appartient to you', 'Le mondo vi belongs', 'The world vous appartiene'. In the exhibition 'In Praise of Doubt', "opening as a route on the strength and fragility of the human condition'', the graphics designed by Tassinari/Vetta works out the idea of doubt by flipping the letters of the title.



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István Orosz exhibit in New York


 István Orosz has an exhibit in New York at the Hungarian Cultural Institute

Opening: December 14, 7:00PM 

December 14 – Jan 21, 2012

447 Broadway, 5th floor. 



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That’s the title of a small book full of big surprises. At least for me, and I have known ‘Henry’ for some thirty years. 

Just over A5 size, only 96 pages and yet bringing a huge wave of most interesting, fine works, many of which I’d never seen before. The other day it has been published by the Antique Collectors’ Club in Woodbridge, Suffolk, and is part of a series, with titles about Paul and John Nash, Edward McKnight Kauffer and David Gentleman, all names with the same ‘prefix’: DESIGN.

Henrion doesn’t need any introduction in his own AGI and Icograda circles, nor in the world of corporate identity programs, in which he pioneered. These books (I haven’t yet seen David Gentleman’s issue, but I am sure that will be another gem), simply can’t be missing on our bookshelves.

(Henrion ISBN 978-1-85149-632-7)

And the good news is: there is much more to be come about him; This one is, however, a tasty starter.

— Ben Bos



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traces: on the road again


In Traces: On the Road Again, anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) explores the persistence of the past in the face of tumultuous change. Images of the desert landscape around Dunhuang in Gansu Province, China, photographed in 2010, are juxtaposed with images of Chinese characters taken around the world over a period of fifteen years. The exhibition suggests that history can never be erased, while attempts to impose an order on the present will always be disrupted by what has come before. Dunhuang was once a thriving commercial and spiritual centre on the ancient Silk Road leading from the north China plains to Mongolia, Southern Siberia, Tibet, India and further Westwards to Europe. Although it may feel remote today, these images remind us that the desert is alive with memory and meaning: tracks, roads, telegraph wires, satellite dishes and fading signage are the traces of an enduring human connectivity.

11am - 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday, 18 November - 18 December 

Address: 21/F Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38-44 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong 

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