News 10/2011

Ruedi Rüegg 4.8.1936 - 14.10.2011


Word reaches us today announcing the sad news of Ruedi Rüegg's passing. Ruedi, a outstandingly gifted designer, had exceptional educationalcredentials, from Design School Zurich to Nippon Design Center to Paul Rand.His office Designalltag was a beacon of Swiss Design, serving clients whoranged from Zurich Airport to SwissMail to Westinghouse. In many ways, themost impressive aspect of his practice emanated from his attitude. Neitherbrash nor stylish, always honest and to the point, he exemplified Swissdesign at its best, with a truly international touch. Beside his family and profession he had a great love for AGI. Ruedi servedas International Secretary from 1996-2000. He fulfilled his function bybringing to the equation a unique understanding, at the same time powerfuland demure. In 2000 he was awarded the first ³AGI Henry². And rightfully so. Ruedi suffered from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) an illness which isdifficult to understand and even tougher to accept and live with. Ruedi wasa giant in how he dealt with such a burden. His wife Anni and his childrensupported him in every way. While his health became increasingly frail, hismind and natural enthusiasm remained impressive and strong. I last saw Ruedi and Anni a few weeks ago. I found him in excellent spirits,still at work in his beautiful studio in Feldbach. His body was clearlygrowing weaker but, his wonderful designer mind still looked toward thefuture. At that meeting, Ruedi gave me a copy of his penultimate book³Spuren 2 (Tracks 2)². Ruedi, Anni, my wife Ilse and I shared a glass ofwine together. I recall so many good times with Ruedi, in all four corners of the world. Inmy mind I remember one particular canoe trip in Northern Canada, perhapsthirty years ago, in the dark days before cell phones! The two land bobberspaddled off into the wilderness, the breeze behind us, easy enough on theway out, near impossible as we struggled to get back against the wind. Wealmost didn¹t make it. However, Ruedi¹s natural determination carried us,like in life or in design. Afterward, we congratulated each other on thedock. Dear Ruedi, a truly wonderful human being, you are already missed, and sowell remembered.We send all the very best to your wife Anni, children and grandchildren. Fritz GottschalkZurich, 19/10/11 

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Hans Peter Hoch 1924–2011

Hans Peter Hoch died October 16, 2011 at the age of 87 in Baltmannsweiler-Hohengehren, near Stuttgart, Germany. Born 1924 in Aarau (Switzerland), he studied in apprenticeship as repro photographer at the "Höhere Fachschule für das Grafische Gewerbe" (Higher University for Applied Sciences for the Graphic Industry) in Stuttgart and at the "Bernsteinschule Sulz am Neckar", working group for visual arts. In 1950 he started his own "Bureau for Visual Communication" and in addition he worked in free painting, photography and graphics. In 1974 he became member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. He was a member of the well-known "Deutscher Werkbund" and the "Verband Bildender Künstler" (Association of Visual Artists). In 1985 he was appointment as professor by the state Baden-Wuerttemberg (one of the 16 states of Germany), and in 1988 he was laureate of the Stankowski foundation “Kunst und Design”.


Since 1964 he designed many publications, catalogs, posters, as well as exhibitions for the Stuttgart Institute for Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1983 he was responsible for the concept and realization of the memorial "Deutscher Widerstand Berlin" (a permanent exhibition about the resistance to National Socialism) as well as topical updates, special exhibits and publications. He worked his life long for many museums among others: the Hegel-House in Stuttgart, the Georg Elser memorial in Koenigsbronn, the Bert-Brecht-House in Augsburg and the Martin-Heidegger-Museum in Messkirch.



His work correlated to his high demands of himself. In 1988 Peter von Kornatzki described the work of Hans Peter Hoch, as follows: "Wether stamp or exhibition, poster or signage system, signet or brochure – none of his visual concepts appears to be unsubstantial or glutted, formalistic or compliant in any way. On the contrary: all of his sketches are unusually balanced with regard to semantics, syntax and pragmatism, and seem coherent. This is also the source of their high intensity and aesthetic quality."




Few months ago I talked with Hans Peter about his work on the occasion of a book about the German AGI-members. So I am sad at heart, that he won't be able to see it. We will miss him.

 – Uwe Loesch, president of the German AGI-members

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Frederick Vincent Carabott 1924–2011

The small Greek graphic design community feels sorrow for the death on Saturday 15 October of our teacher and «father» of the modern design, Frederick Vincent Carabott.

Good travel in the future Dear Freddy

—Dimitris Arvanitis


Frederick Vincent Carabott was born in Athens in 1924. In 1943-1945 he took part in the Resistance, was imprisoned and taken to Germany. Later he studied graphic design at the Chelsea and St. Martin’s schools in London. Upon his return to Athens he worked in advertising, publishing and graphic design. From 1958 to 1967 he served as art advisor to the National Tourist Organisation; his work for the NTO was awarded in international competitions. This was followed by the establishment, together with Μ. Katzourakis, D. Tsopelas and P. Kannavos, of “Κ&Κ - Athens Advertising Centre” and by a series of Rizzoli awards (1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969) for the best Greek advertisement. In 1965 the Greek State presented him with the Golden Cross of the Order of the Phoenix for his outstanding contribution to the development of graphic design in Greece. In 1968 he became member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). After 1979 he works as a freelancer. His work has been hosted in many international and local exhibitions and published in Greek and foreign publications.


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Walter Ballmer 1923–2011

Obituary by Leonardo Sonnoli

I never met Walter Ballmer, but his clever, sharp and colorful work made for Nava, Valentino, Pirelli, La Roche and Olivetti has been a stronger point of reference for my education. Especially his work for Olivetti—he designed the last logotype—is an extraordinary example of clever, and not easy, evolution of the Pintori's design.

He was one of the great designers of the Studio Boggeri in Milan, one of the links between the italian and Swiss culture, blended to produce our golden age in communication.

We'll miss the light of another star of our best history. 

– Leonardo Sonolli 





Dear Walter,

You have been a master of systems design here in Milan. We started to dream our job through your typography and concrete art (for us, as students, the Swiss  "Kunstgewerbeschule" was like a mirage) that you represented here in Milan.

I met you when I was still a student in 1948 at the Gandolfi printer in Mercalli street. I remember you introduced me at the AGI yearly congress in Greece, 1976, together with Franco Grignani (president of the Italian chapter).

We all have learned from you and to you we're grateful, and the rest is history.

A hug,

Heinz Waibl October 10th 2011 



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Exhibition:10 October – 4 November

George Roger GalleryUniversity for the Creative Artsat Maidstone, UK

The close working relationship between the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Maidstone and the international typographics magazine Baseline is the subject of an exciting new exhibition.

In the last 17 years Baseline has employed 20 students and graduates from UCA Maidstone’s Graphic Design: Visual Communication and Illustration courses. 

Baseline’s editor and art director, Hans Reichert, said: “The relationship with UCA Maidstone has been hugely beneficial. We have worked with some incredibly talented and skilled people over the years. During their stay at Baseline the students experienced first hand contact with AGI contributors such a Arnold Schwartzman OBE RDI AGI, Alan Fletcher RDI AGI, Alan Kitching RDI AGI, Adrian Frutiger, Ken Garland, David Gentleman RDI AGI, Ivan Chermayeff AGI, David Carson AGI, Neville Brody, Sir Terence Conran  and best selling author Steven Heller to name a few.”

“We wanted to celebrate this collaboration by putting on an exhibition of the work that has been created over the years.”

The exhibition, entitled ‘Baseline/UCA, students and graduates: 17year collaboration’, will take place in the George Rodger Gallery at UCA Maidstone from 10 October to 4 November. It will be free of charge and open to the public.

Hans, who is himself one of UCA’s honorary graduates, added: “There will be a diverse range of work on display, including some striking covers, posters layout and web designs.”



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