Isidro Ferrer

AGI Membership - 2000

Ferrer has qualifications in dramatic arts and scenography, and studied mime and pantomime at Jacques Lecoq's school in Paris. In 1989, he worked at the studio of the graphic designer Peret in Barcelona. After spending time in Zaragoza and Valencia, where he made storyboards for an animated series, he established his own studio in Huesca in 1996. He combines his work as a graphic designer with intense work in the field of illustration, creating comics, animations for television, and publishing over 20 books, some for children, some unclassifiable.

He has won various international awards for his work as a graphic designer and illustrator and his work has been the subject of solo exhibitions in Madrid, Gijon, Lisbon, Rouen, Rijeka, Bogota, Toulouse, Quito, Turin, Paris and Mexico City.

Isidro Ferrer (1963-)

Plaza del Justicia n° 1, local

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