Sparse Coding

Expertise in visual communication and information architecture is a professional claim of many working in the field of graphic design. Maybe we should make these claims more specific since 'communication' and 'information' have become crucial topics in almost all branches of knowledge.

Complex Font Design

Our digital world is undoubtably more complex than the one we had before, though this one is far tighter interconnected and it feels much, much smaller. By contrast, the rise of global monopolies have made some matters shockingly simple. There are for instance effectively only two companies that decide what font technology all type designers on the globe have to base their designs on. These two companies are Adobe and Microsoft.

The Climate Dance

The world has been talking about climate change for over thirty years now. The British conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher warned already in 1989 about the unprecedented climate effects of higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere. (She has a degree in Chemistry). A Kyoto Protocol was established in 1997 and made into International Law in 2005. The Kyoto protocol has been merely a European affair.


The hair on our heads is the most prominent piece of fur that evolution left on the human body. No other creature has such an uneven dispersion of body hair as we do. Moreover, of course, no species spent so much time and attention on the way their furry parts look. A bad hair day is a day when your hair looks bad and everything seems to go wrong. As the Dutch saying goes: ‘nothing can really go wrong as long as your hairdo is in order' (als je haar maar goed zit).

Golden Age?

‘The golden age'. This is the type designer's present situation, according to Deborah Littlejohn's provocative description in the latest issue of Eye magazine. Although it can be safely assumed that many previous generations of designers also believed that they were living in a ‘golden age', there is some substance to this claim


Amsterdam Dutchionary

The Amsterdam Dutchionary by Max Kisman is part of the 'Hop On Hop Off' tour guide, initiated by Elly Bonsen and Paula van Zeggeren, produced to accommodate AGI members during the AGI Amsterdam 2007 congress.

Dutch Furniture Design

The Dutch designer Maarten Bas is the first Dutch designer who received recently 'the Designer of the Year' prize in Miami. The 'cloggies' are not doing too bad lately as designers of furniture and interior products. Quite a number of them are making a name for themselves internationally. Some succeed to pleasantly surprise the visitors of the yearly Milan fair many times in a row. 'Dutch design' is no longer understood as a brand only by Dutch designers.

Selecting New Members

Graphic designers have on average a congenial attitude towards their peers. That behaviour is exceptional within the wide range of 'creative' professionals. Visual artists, architects or writers, for instance, are well known for the bitter fights amongst themselves.

Elite Club

The AGI calls itself an élite club. What's an élite club? These two words will google you to dating sites, travel classes or entertainment venues for high net worth individuals. That association feels a bit tacky and not particularly attractive. The dictionary does a friendlier job: a group of people considered to be the best in a specific category. All right, but should we promote ourselves as the élite or should we leave that judgement to others?

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