Bridging Cultures With Type Design

Graphic design projects can help to create cultural bridges. A recent project by a Dutch cultural foundation makes an extraordinary example.


'What you see is what you get' - in short WYSIWYG - was the pay-off when Apple introduced the first computers with a graphic interface that showed on screen an image that corresponded with the printout. Well, sort of; not completely. A few decades later the industry is still tinkering to get it right. Regrettably it seems to be a rather complicated matter to control. Also for print.

The Total Makeover Strategy

With the advancement of medical know-how came the possibility to change one's looks completely. All parts of the human body can be altered dramatically with the help of a smart knife, a syringe and a laser beam. A complete visual transformation is now within everybody's reach - of those who can afford it. The purpose of these interventions is often obvious.

The Legibility Myth

Graphic designers sometimes make it to the front page of the news papers. Don Meeker and James Montalbano have worked together for many years to develop a new typeface for the road signs in the US.

During the last decades, everywhere in the western world huge production complexes, like power stations and cokes and steel production plants, have been transformed into facilities for cultural events. The sheer size of the original buildings create huge cultural temples.

The public (and private) funding to art and design exhibitions and events in Germany is quite substantial. Every five years there is the 'Documenta' exhibition in Kassel, supposedly one of the most important exhibition of contemporary art in the world.

Size Still Counts

In a world that slowly comes to realise that we are likely to consume away an inhabitable planet, size still counts. Everything has to be big and the next year preferably bigger. Also in the art and design world.

Michael Rock about Dutch design

The AGI congress of this year (2007) will be in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Some have called the Netherlands the 'Walhalla' of design and graphic design in particular.

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