‘...and the fire and the rose are one.’

– T.S. Eliot

In pride of place on our dining-room wall is a framed poster for the film The Man with the Golden Arm,

signed ‘To Arnold, with affection, Saul Bass.

In the early 60s, the Beatles were filling our ears, our minds and our record cabinets with their new sound and lyrics. The heyday of the Fab Four coincided with the dawn of graphic design.

Nearly six centuries ago, around the year 1450 in the German town of Mainz, Gutenberg was developing moveable metal type made of an alloy of lead, as part of his response to an increasing demand for printed books brought about by the Renaissance.

Membership of the AGI is, at the least, a compliment.

A value judgment by your peers. However, it is not true that every designer is out to achieve that membership. There are those who are against any form of assembly, those who don’t want to be a member of anything, and those who can’t see the point.

The Vienna-born American Richard Neutra played the violin at seven in the morning. Boggeri played every evening, at eleven. For an hour every night he went over the same bars until he achieved perfection. Perfection, though, was not enough for him.

Daniela Haufe & Detlef Fiedler - Cyan

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