The location for the opening of the Millennium AGI 2000: Mexico! The new century took us into a new world.

Despite the rather French origins of the AGI, 23 years went by before the Alliance met again on French soil: Blois, on the Loire, 1990.

Although Munich was the host city of the 1980 AGI meeting, the informal meetings were held in the little village of Isening, in the countryside outside the metropolis.

AGI had got through its adolescence. The 1970s were characterized by consolidation. We knew what we wanted from the Alliance.

The Alliance was established at a first meeting in Paris. A dozen designers from France, Britain and Switzerland took the initial steps.

A solid foundation was laid in the first, short AGI decade, from 1952 to 1959. The list of members was pretty representative of the crème-de-la-crème of young graphic designers in the Western world.